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The UCan Play Christmas Party

We are holding the UCan Play Christmas Party at the studio on Saturday 19th December, starting at 7.30pm. Food is provided, but please bring a bottle of something to add to the festivities! We are planning some live music and a DJ for your entertainment, along with the opportunity to play with a whole host of musical toys! Please contact Jonathan if you’d like to come along. Numbers are limited so book early!

Our Christmas Party for kids is on Tuesday 22nd December at 5pm. All our young students, together with one of their friends, are invited to this party and invitations will be distributed this week during your lessons. We look forward to seeing you there kids!

UCan Studios welcome The Jellyman’s Daughter and Ashley Fayth

DSC00029We were delighted to welcome The Jellyman’s Daughter and Ashley Fayth in the studio on Thursday 29th October as part of the Shop Sessions gigs run by Mike at The Cycle Junction. It was a brilliant evening of acoustic music from these talented artists. We loved every minute of it and so did everyone in the audience too!

When we set up our studio over the summer, hosting live gigs was not on the menu of activities. However, as with any project, new ideas and collaborations emerge through friendships and shared passions. Meeting Mike at the Cycle Junction was one such friendship. Mike’s passion for live music, supporting artists and their development and general positive energy about music is infectious. So, when he approached us a month or so ago with a request to use our studio for his shop sessions, we were delighted to oblige.

In an age of pre-recorded, heavily produced music, there is a brilliance and charm to hearing live music up close. The vast majority of the material performed by last night’s artists were original songs inspired by people, places and even arguments over burning the garlic bread! The studio proved to be an intimate venue for such material, with the acoustics working well to provide a clean background against which the subtleties of voices, instruments and their blend could be heard and appreciated to good effect.

We can’t waited for the next session – Anna Pancaldi – on the 26th November. Tickets are available from here.

In the meantime, here are a few images from the gig last night.

Our first party

Our first party at UCan Studios was for the students finishing their PGCE courses in Music from Manchester Metropolitan University and other friends. It was great to get people’s reactions to the venue. We also had some live music thanks to Rick coming along, our first DJ in theUCan Studios! Thanks Rick:

The Margaret Wilcox School of Speech & Drama is coming to UCan Studios!

We are delighted to announce that the Margaret Wilcox School of Speech and Drama is coming to UCan Studios in Wheelock! The school, which has operated for many years in Plumley near Knutsford, will be delivering its unique blend of classes aimed at developing adults and children’s speech, communication and acting skills. Classes will take place on a Thursday evening. Early booking is recommended by contacting Sam Marsden on 07887 778 822 or email here.


Setting up the UCan Studios

Over the past week we have been busy setting up the new UCan Studios. We have source furniture, made portable room dividers out of pallets, installed our equipment and created our waiting area.

Next on the list is to purchase some additional recording equipment and musical instruments. We’ll also be getting high speed fibre broadband installed over the next month for our customers to enjoy.

Also, watch out for our advertisements in the local press over the next month or so!

Loads to do, but great community support and we are well on track for our September opening!