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On Friday 7th October we are having an ‘Open Evening’ at the studio.  This is about creating an opportunity for artists, who are developing through using our facilities and/or working with the support of our teaching and producing personnel, to progress through performance.  Performing provides a focus and nurtures deeper understanding of sharing ideas and emotions through music and the voice.  We aim to create a relaxed atmosphere with families and friends present to form a discerning audience that can provide positive feedback to the contributors and celebrate artistic endeavour.



Pete the Poet is compere for the evening.

Pete has been working with UCan Play since 2009.  What started out as a briefcase full of Pete’s poems and sketches developed through recording sessions, video making, the creation of a poetry night at the George and Dragon pub in Great Budworth and work with a local Primary School into an archive of his work online at http://www.petethepoet.co.uk/ which links to his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ptpwch and Soundcloud page https://soundcloud.com/pete-the-poet.

Also performing will be…




Carl is a guitar player and singer.  He has a history of playing in bands but has recently been working on solo performance starting with songs that were dear to him, that he enjoyed singing and could relate to lyrically.  He has arranged them according to his preference and with production advice worked towards recording them at the studio.  We experimented with recording his guitar during his performance directly into the desk but found that it lost the qualities that the demo recordings on a Roland R-09 portable recorder had captured.  We then re-recorded it with two Rode NT5 microphones in stereo and found that we achieved a much truer representation of the guitar, closer to the sound we could hear when Carl was playing and singing live in the room.  The recordings can be heard on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/c6t8



‘Hannah Golightly’s Imaginary Band’

UCan Play has supported Hannah with purchasing some equipment recently and playing at our ‘Open Evening’ will be her first experience of our studio space.  We are looking forward to her first visit as we are hoping to host one of Hannah’s fabulous ‘GRRRLS WITH GUITARS PARTY’ at the studio next year.  ‘Hannah Golightly can be found on her hip and happening chaotic and fun YouTube channel where you can find her acoustic demos, music videos and interviews with herself and other female punk rock musicians.’ https://www.youtube.com/user/hannah0golightly and her music can be heard here https://www.reverbnation.com/hannahgolightly




Mally started working with UCan Play over 4 years ago after moving back to the area.  He got involved in some projects with Jason and Sam, playing guitar and singing on cover versions of songs across a range of genres.  The songs covered were identified, worked out, arranged and recorded using an iphone, in generally less than 4 hours.  This process was designed to develop artistic sensibilities and artistic decision making.




Alex York

Alex approached UCan Play in July with a desire to sing more. We created a personalised program for Alex to extend his natural voice and build on his passion for music and love of song. We are currently exploring the links between his experiences of writing poetry and how lyrics for song are structured.  Alex has created a piece from a poem of his that we are delighted he is sharing at the ‘Open Evening’.

‘Most of my generation regret the missed opportunities to learn to play a musical instrument. Not entirely our fault, as the choice in our youth was normally limited to the piano. This, even in its upright form, was costly, bulky, heavy and definitely not transportable.  Modern equipment has overcome these problems and provided for their availability to a much wider audience; in a variety of forms at an affordable cost.  Over the years, I have had tried the electronic keyboard and toyed with the violin and cello – I left the drums to my eldest son – only to belatedly realise that the human voice is as good a musical instrument as you could ever want. It is readily available, easy to maintain and costs little in operation. It can also be pleasant on the ear.  So, with Jason’s guidance, I may have found my voice.’

Some of his poetry can be enjoyed online here https://www.Alexyorkpoetry.blogspot.co.uk.


jonny record sleeve


UCan Play is keen to support young people with an interest in music making and after a conversation at our Summer Party earlier this year a session was arranged to use the studio to explore ideas through improvisation with Jonathan Sullivan and Rik Dattani.  Together with Jason they formed Clitocybe to focus on creating an original piece for performance using live samples from vinyl records, electronic sound manipulation, sound capture and vocals.



Daniel Wilkinson-Shaw – Vocal Art

VocalArt.org.uk is a new company set up by Daniel with the support of UCanPlay.org.uk. to run voice workshops. We held our first VocalArt workshop for young people at the studios recently.  Daniel is going to share some of his ideas and skills at our Open Evening.