UCan … Rehearse!

We provide bands and other musical ensembles with a flexible, well equipped and comfortable rehearsal space. This includes break-out, social spaces and kitchen facilities. Please view our gallery to get a feel for the available spaces, or watch our walk-through the UCan Studios.
The rehearsal space is available from 9.30am every day. Rehearsals must be finished by 11.00pm.
We have a range of musical instruments and technologies that can be made available to help support you in your rehearsal.
Please note that our UCan … Learn programmes run on a Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 4pm – 8.30pm and the studio can not be booked between these hours.
The studio can be hired for £15/hour. We are happy to negotiate preferential rates for regular bookings. Young musicians can use the studio for a cheaper rate.  Please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.